Asociación de Eficiencia Enerxética
e Enerxías Renovables de lugo

Our Mission

Our growing dependence on fossil fuels (coil, oil, natural gas) and its unstopped price increase, force us to look for other energy sources, or at least try to reduce its consumption without losing quality of life.

For this reason, and the binding commitment we have with the environment to reduce the impact of our daily activities, energy efficiency has become a priority of the EU. Its 20-20-20 Plan intended, by 2020, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, improve energy efficiency by 20% and achieve 20% of electricity consumption from renewable sources in the EU.

Within the context of economic crisis that Europe is undergoing, energy saving became a real need, to reduce production costs as not increase greenhouse gas emissions related to climate change and temperature rising, which is affecting all over the world.

But besides that, the reduction of production costs of a business can be the difference between an economically viable and a non-viable business. Also, the creation of business and industrial fabric makes it imperative to fix population in an environment with little job opportunities, emigration and ageing.

We believe in energy efficiency as a labour option, but also as a real option to enhance the competitively and profitability of companies and therefore, to improve our nearest socio-economic environment.

We provide solutions to businesses and households to improve the energy efficiency of new buildings and the renovation of the old ones without losing comfort or quality of life.

And we share values and principles based on honesty, integrity and professionalism.


The basis of any project is the knowledge, and the association tries to facilitate and promote the continuous training of professionals in an environment where technology is evolving rapidly and in which a permanent update is required.

Areas of work

The socio-economic environment analysis shows that the primary sector is one of the sectors with greatest weight in our economy. In particular, in our province, agriculture, livestock and forestry exceeds 24.5% of GDP, in 2008.

And within the primary sector, dairy cattle farming stands out over the rest of activities. But, the falling price of milk caused by the importation of foreign milk, the rising price of cereals due to growing demand for biofuel, the increasing price of fossil fuel, etc. Therefore, the economic viability of the companies of this sector, often uncompetitive small familiar business, is becoming increasingly difficult.

Improving this viability involves generating wealth and new opportunities, helps to saving environment and contributes to reducing rural depopulation, an important European concern.

Agriculture and livestock

In agriculture, efficiency energy optimizes energy consumption for greenhouses. Another application of renewable energy is the implementation of biogas plants to produce biogas by treating livestock manure, which is used in a cogeneration system to produce heat and electricity, and finally, using of process waste to produce fertilizers. It produces heat, electricity, irrigation water and fertilizers, avoiding environment contamination produced by dumping.

Forestry sector

Forestry also presents as an emerging sector. Besides wood production, using of waste forestry for biomass supposes an add value for own natural resources management, facilitating the silvopastoralism (the production of livestock and tree products in one integrated pasture system) and controlling forest fires.

Heat and power generation

At this moment, we are developing low-cost wood chip and pellet burners for replacement of conventional boilers. We are also collaborating with some EU organizations, on the developing of solutions for energetic issues related with our socio-economic environment.


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